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In Stuart, FL — The ONLY non-invasive medical device FDA-cleared for immediate fat loss.

Dr. Dinofer says “Ultra Slim results are absolutely amazing. Nothing but photonic (light) energy touches your body. There are no pads, paddles, wires or hand held devices touching you. After the fat cells release their contents, the fat is eliminated from the body naturally and permanently. The cells are unharmed. This process is non-invasive. There are no side affects and no adverse reactions.”

UltraSlim at the Laser Lipo Spa–Stuart, FL

957 SE Federal Highway, Stuart, FL 34994

(In the Mayfair Plaza with ACE Hardware next to Healthfully Yours health foods.)

After only 5 treatments!

This superior, state of the art technology is available to the Treasure Coast only at the Laser Lipo Spa.

Completely Non-Invasive

Red light technologies have never shown any recorded side effects and patients do not experience any discomfort during the treatments. As an added benefit, the modulated red light also delivers tighter and smoother skin by adding new collagen and elastin.

Patented Technology

Our patented technology is based on modulating a specific type of red light that causes the fat cells to open transitory pores in the cell membrane, allowing fat (fatty acids and triglycerides) to drain from the fat cells.  

Clinical Studies

Years of research and development led to clinical trials. In multi-site clinical trials Ultra Slim achieved significant clinical results for 100% of patients. At each treatment session, patients lost an average of 3.5” (1.6 liters of fat) from their waist, hip and...

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